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Investigation Division

Investigation refers to Mineral Exploration. The word "Investigation" has historical significance. In early sixties NMDC had the task to investigate the known mineral occurrences in the country which could be commercially exploited. And the name continues. In the process NMDC thusfar, proved many mineral deposits in the country and abroad. Few of the important investigations done are

Iron Ore
  • JORC Reserve Statement Bailadila Ranges (M.P)
  • Malangtoli (Orissa)
  • Kiriburu, Meghataburu (Bihar)
  • Ongole (A..P)
  • Kudremukh , Bababudan (Karnataka)
  • Donimalai, Kumaraswamy & Ramandurg (Karnataka)
Limestone & Dolomite
  • Rupa (Arunachal Pradesh) ---- Limestone
  • Arki ( Himachal Pradesh) ---- Limestone
  • Chawandia (Rajasthan) ---- Limestone
  • Machkote, Kotimsonar (M.P) ---- Dolomite
  • Panna (M.P.)
  • Ramalkota, Vajrakarur, Racherla, Chandralapadu (A.P.)
  • Khetri & Dariba (Rajasthan)
  • Rakha (Bihar)
  • Agnigundala (A.P)
  • Kutch (Gujarat)
  • Nathdwara, (Rajasthan)
  • Panthal (J&K)
Rock Phosphate
  • Mussorie (U.P.)
  • Padar, (J&K)
Tungsten & Graphite
  • Tapaskonda Burugubanda (A.P.)
Iron Ore
  • Syria
  • Syria
  • Bhutan
  • Madagascar

With vast experience as indicated above the Investigation Division can offer its services in the areas of

  • Topographic survey.
  • Identification of potential mineral deposits of interest.
  • Exploratory drilling.
  • Initial exploration of identified deposits.
  • Reserve, grade estimation, preparation of exploration reports.
  • Detailed investigation of deposits identified for preparation of TEFR, DPR or mine development.
  • Consultancy works involving exploration, geological, drilling, pre-feasibility.
  • Survey for infrastructural facilities.
  • Preparation of medium term and long term production programmes.
  • Technical support to operating mines.
  • Support to commercial activities with specification, quantity etc.
  • Upgradation of technology including computer application to ensure greater reliability, obtain sound and convenient data base for planning, development and operation of mines.
  • Collaborative works in foreign countries.