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Environmental Management
Corporate Policy:
  • Create sound and eco-friendly environment for sustainable development at all production projects
  • Plan new projects with environment – friendly considerations
  • Plan regulative, ameliorative and mitigative measures to protect environment
  • Lend support to projects on environmental matters
The Environmental Policy is framed specifically to fulfill the following objectives :
  • Create a work environment which enhances/ motivates production and productivity.
  • Create a residing environment for the enjoyment & peace of employee.
  • Encourage safe and scientific mining and other engineering practices.
  • Promoting awareness amongst the employees and the neighbourhood population for adopting environmentally acceptable procedures and restricting environmental degradation and pollution to the barest minimum.
  • Establishing "Eco-label" for its finished products so as to promote domestic and international markets.
  • To achieve Communal harmony and peace amongst the employees and the local villagers for heading fast towards "sustainable development".
  • Meaningful use of forest lands within the lease areas.
  • Restoration of the post mining land use to the pre-mining status, to the extent possible.

Judicious and scientific planning of direct excavation, waste dumping and siting infrastructural areas.

Restricting use of forest lands to the barest minimum level.
Constructing ameliorative measures like buttress walls, contour trenching, biological reclamation of mined out areas and waste dumps, etc. to minimise land erosion.

Construction of check dams, tailings dams, ETP for treating effluents from service centres, Autoshops, etc to avoid water pollution.

Regular water sprinkling and grading of haul roads, scientific afforestation for abating air pollution.

Regular maintenance of HEMM and Plant equipments and good house keeping to reduce noise pollution.

Create green belts, densify open lands, good arboriculture and avenue plantation practices for improving the overall Importance value index of the region and also to eradicate effects of visual intrusion.

Monitor all environmental parameters on regular basis following the statutory acts and their amendments of the GOI viz.,

Preparation and timely submission of six-monthly reports to MOEF regional offices and annual environmental audit reports to respective state pollution control boards.

Creating environment awareness amongst the employees and the local population through celebration of Mine Environment & Mineral Conservation (MEMC) week under the aegis of Indian Bureau of Mines & World Environment Day on 5th of June every year.

Training employees for environmental consciousness.

Undertake Peripheral village community development works like improving roads, constructing school buildings, community halls, distributing books and stationery, extending schooling and medical facilities available in the project townships to the local people as well.

Providing safe drinking water to the township dwellers and extending water supply to population of neighbouring villages.

Obtaining Consents for establishment and operation of mines/plants from respective state pollution control boards.

Obtaining environmental clearances for new/ expansion projects.

Obtaining forest land clearances for renewal/ fresh grant of mining leases.

Massive afforesation drive.

Mined out area to an extent of 16.18Ha has been stablize at Donimalai project by tree plantation.

About 27Ha of old passive waste rock dumps have also been staiblize by tree plantation at Donimalai, Biladila. 14 iron ore mine and Panna diamond mine.

During the last 8 years desiliting operations of Kirandul nala and Kadampal tailing dam by mechanized means are undertaken to keep the surface water problem under control at Bailadila Deposit-14/11c project.

Eletricity is generated and the same is utilized for operation of the Plant while transporting the crushed ore using a downhill conveyor system passing through a tunnel at each of the 3 major iron ore production projects at Bailadila Dep-14/11c Bailadila Dep-5 and Donimalai.

A mine with a production capacity of 25,000 tonnes of magnesite is being planned at Panthal,J&K MDC, a subsidiary owned by NMDC Ltd. For construction of approach road to the mine site at hill top with due consideration to control soil erosion, cross drainage works, protection walls, check dams,breast walls, sidedrains, bridge with hime pipes facilitating non-scouring velocity of water in the natural streams, etc. have been constructed at a cost of Rs 177 lakhs.

A silica sand project with a production capacity of 1,500 tonnes per day is being planned at Lalapur near Allahabad in U.P. We have obtained operating concents from UPPCB, Lucknow.

As a part of massive afforestation drive, 2351816 saplings have been planted at all projects of NMDC since inception, covering 60 variety of tree species which includes local and native species, fast growing species, fruit bearing varieties, ornamental trees, medicinal plants and certain exotic species. The total area covered in all the projects is well above 1490Ha. Afforestation would be carried out every year by planting 1.00 lakh plants and taking care of them for a period of 3 years.

Passive mine out area to an extent of 13.18Ha has been stabilised at Donimalai project by tree plantation. About 27ha of old passive waste rock dumps have also been stabilised by tree plantation at Donimalai, Bailadila.14 iron ore mine and Panna diamond mine.


Maintaining ecological balance by adequate environmental protection and environment improvement works is entrusted to the Chief Executive of the respective project. He may sub-delegate the power to the DGM(Production). The Manager/Sr.Manager (Geo-Env)/Sr.Manager(Trg, safety & Environment) and his associate in the rank of Jr/Asst.Manager (Env) is responsible for maintaining clean and green environment as the front line executive. The General Manager(IE & TS) and the DGM(Env) at Corporate Office should monitor the environmental performances and guide the Projects for maintaining good environmental practices and to adopt newer, safe and cleaner technologies.


The following expenditure has been spent all NMDC’s projects towards environmental protection and pollution control measures:

S.No. Year Amount in Rs. Millions
1 1998-99 90.20
2 1999-2000 140.00
3 2000-2001 68.10

NMDC started afforestation on a planned pattern in consultation with Divisional Forest Officer (Social forestry) of concerned areas with the objectives such as increasing the density around the project & township, stabilisation of degraded lands & waste dumps for preventing soil erosion, rehabilitated of mined out areas, improving the condition of the catchment areas and stream courses and aesthetic look of the township areas. The project wise afforestation done in NMDC projects since inception are as follows:

S.No. Name of the Project No. of Trees planted Area covered in Ha
1 Bailadila.14/11C project 711,932 603
2 Bailadila.5 project 924,007 559
3 Donimalai iron ore mine 540,377 224
4 Panna Diamond Mining Project 105,500 60
5 Ultra pure ferric oxide plant, Visakhapatnam 2,000 1
6 Central workshop 3,000 1
7 Chipprian Magnesite Mine 44,000 20
8 Chawandia Limestone project 21,000 22
Total 2,351,816 1,490
  • Baliladila iron ore project, Deposit-10/11A- Under Construction phase.,
  • NMDC Iron & Steel Plant,Nagamar-Action initiated for obtaining Enviromental clearance.
  • Kunaraswamy iron ore project(Ultimate capacity-7.0 mtpa)-Efforts are on for obtaining enviroment & forest clearances.
  • Ultra pure ferric oxide plant- Plant is almost ready for commissioning.
  • Lalapur silica sand project -Plant trail run are being conducted.Mining Plan for submission to Indian Bureau of Mines is under Prepration.
  • Comprehesive EIA/EMP of panna diamond mine.
  • Regional EIA/EMP for Bailadila iron ore mines complex.
On the anvil:
  • NMDC in the process of obtaining ISO 14001 accerediation to teh Corporation as a whole comprising of 4 major production projectsviz., Bailadila Dep-14/11c Bailadila Dep-5, Donimalai asn Panna mines.
  • Bailadila iron ore project,Deposit-13 - Submitted application for obtaining Mine lease. Enviroment clearance to be obtained Chattisghar state Govt. an enumeration of trees by teh state forest suthorities is completed.
  • Post mining land use and Mine closure plan of BailadilaDep-14 mine pit.
  • Obtaining Forest department permission for commencing core drilling activities in Bailadila Dep -3 mining lease.