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Community Management

Production of quality iron ore is only one part of NMDC story. NMDC has unique privilege of bringing remote areas to the main stream of civilization. Besides being top foreign exchange earner for the country and joint top ranking company under the MOU system earning considerable profit year after year, NMDC has become a fore runner in the socio-economic and peripheral development in fulfilling its social obligations. NMDC strongly believes that the well being of the company cannot be separated from the well being of the neighbouring society. Around Bailadila – the centre of NMDC’s major activity – there are 20 predominantly tribal villages and NMDC attempts to share the fruits of progress with them in a bid to improve the quality of their life. A full fledged peripheral development plan has been drawn up in each project management which finalises annual development schemes in the area. In Bailadila area, NMDC is spending about Rs.300 lakhs every year on peripheral development, while at Donimalai in Karnataka about Rs.40 lakhs in a year is being spent for this purpose.

Some of the peripheral/community development programmes initiated by NMDC include—

  • Free educational facilities for the children of the local adivasis in the project schools.
  • Construction of new school buildings and additional class rooms besides undertaking repair and renovation to a number of school buildings of the State Government in the area including electrification work.
  • Supply of school uniforms, text books and other stationery items to the advasi children besides suitable cash awards to the adivasi children passing out the V standard Board Examination in certain identified tribal schools to inculcate the positive attitude towards education.
  • Efforts to establish an ITI at Bhansi exclusively for tribal youth providing entire infrastructural facilities including residential quarters and hostel buildings for the students, to develop the local talent suiting to the needs of NMDC.
  • A unique "Skill Development Programme" which includes in house training programme aimed at equipping VIII standard pass tribal youth to acquire necessary knowledge, skill and proficiency in the operation of Mine/Plant to help them in seeking employment. During the period of programme, they are paid out of pocket expenses of Rs.750/- per month besides subsidised breakfast, lunch, uniforms etc.
  • Free medical treatment in project hospitals and frequent camps are conducted for eye, dental, cancer, orthopaedic, family planning and other health camps where free counselling as well as outdoor and indoor medical treatment is provided.
  • Frequent visits of project doctors to the neighbouring villages for providing medical assistance to the needy and help the District Administration in extending medical assistance by supply of ambulances, donation of medical equipment for use in providing medicare in interior villages.
  • A number of open well/tube wells, hand pumps and water tanks have been provided for supplying drinking water to the nearby villages.
  • Construction of a number of all weather roads connecting neighbouring villages besides providing street lighting and electrification of the areas.